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Benefits of Having Wireless Earbuds

The age of wireless tools and items is upon us today. Most gadgets that we have today can operate with the wireless technology. Bluetooth is one of the most compatible wireless technology that people embrace. It implies that you can rely on wireless earbuds and still get quality sound from corded earbuds. The following are some of the benefits that come with owning wireless earbuds.

Cord-free and Handsfree

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With these earbuds, you can do away with the wired gadgets. It is possible to do your things handsfree which implies that you can pick calls without placing the phone on your ears. You also do not need to unwind the knots formed by wires of your earbuds and headphones. It also becomes simple to work out since you listen to music from the phone via your wireless earbuds. It is therefore convenient to use wireless earbuds.

Quality Sound

The fact that these earbuds are wireless does not imply they do not give the best quality of sound. There are different types of earbuds which are wireless and provide the high-quality sound. There are also a lot of varieties of wireless earbuds which come with bass boosting technology and noise isolation. All you need is to search for the best quality earbuds.


Another benefit of wireless earbuds is that they give you the freedom of walking while talking. With these earbuds, you can do you work and chores at home without having to hold your phone. You can even drive while using your wireless earbuds but ensure you are careful to avoid causing accidents.

Stylish and Affordable

white wireless earbudsThese earbuds usually look sophisticated and stylish. The design and looks are sporty. The way that they are made ensures that they remain firm during work out. You will fall in love with their looks even if you use the earbuds casually. Also, they are affordable despite them being stylish. Many manufacturers make these earbuds, so you can do an online search to ensure that you get what is affordable to your preference and taste.

More than Listening

You can do more with these earbuds than just listening. You can pair the wireless earbuds with MP3 players, computers, tablets, phones, TV sets and many more. This makes it possible for you to listen to your programs on computer or TV by pairing your Bluetooth earbuds with the devices. You can then enjoy your favorite programs without having to bother others in the room.


Getting the right earbuds calls for time since most there are many devices compatible with Bluetooth. There is a wide range of wireless earbuds you can choose from, but with proper homework, you can get the best. These earbuds will allow you to take a call from upstairs when the phone is downstairs, sync up with your computer or TV or listen to music anywhere in your house.…

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Steps for Mixing Music with Pro Tools

It is challenging to mix your music with Pro Tools, but if you are thinking of a career as a recording engineer or professional DJ, then you need to master this. Once you have your track, you can proceed with the mixing. What makes it complicated is that it is not as easy as turning tracks and adjusting the volume. Mixing has to sound coherent. At protoolsproduction.com you will know more about Pro Tools. Below are the steps for mixing your music using Pro Tools.

Get Pro Tools


First, you should have Pro Tools and open the session file where you will get drums laid out in front of you. First look at the kick drum then click the solo button to listen to the drum. Click play on the transport bar. It has to sound natural. You can then adjust the sound and make more defined and direct and fix that compressor. If the mp3 has channel strips, then you can insert them. You can process your track and listen to them in real time. There is the compressor plug that is located under the Dynamics in Pro Tools. The settings are usually factory-defined and give your mp3 track great sound which you can adjust to provide listeners with a kick while listening.

Go Ahead with the Snare

Click the solo button then adjust the compressor. You can again click on the insert box and select the Basic Snare that is preset. Experiment by moving your tracks and releasing the settings. If you do not like the sound you hear, you can add another track and customize accordingly. For the drum overheads track, you can put the compressor. Just a few overheads will do. If you throw a lot, you will not hear the whole dance mix. The general drum overhead rule is to bring them up enough for you to listen to the cymbals. Experiment until you hear what sounds good to your ears.

Adjust the Bass Guitar

men in studioAdd a compressor on the track to modify the preamp and give it a hot and natural signal. Add the compressor into the insert box and choose the Basic Bass preset. You can bring the bass up for the snare and kick to be heard. Rhythm comes along with the bass, and the rhythm of the track has to be equalized properly. Follow the same settings as the above step to get the right results. Pull the hertz down once to you hear the bass meshing with the kick drum and bring back some beats for you to listen to the whole rhythm section harmoniously.

Finish the Track

The final stage is bringing the vocals into the mix. The vocals have to be controlled, and this is where the compressor is useful. Select the Vocal Lever which allows the vocals to be dynamic and lively while you are controlling them into the mix. Keep them from dominating the overall sound.

These are the steps that will help you mix your music successfully using Pro Tools software. Get it and start producing the best music.…

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