Health and Fitness Apps

This year, the gyms are going to be packed to the brim, full of people trying to meet their fitness goals. So I thought I’d put together some insights on top apps to help you get your fitness goals in the before the year ends. Just a quick disclaimer is that all the apps mentioned in this article are available on both the iOS app store and Google play store.


Fitness AppWhen you get to the gym and you are trying to hit those fitness goals, you really want to keep track of everything; what you eat and what you are doing. The first app on this list is a fitness tracker. This is definitely a better-looking app and more geared towards people who intend to cook the majority of their food.

This app offers premium editions, through which you access more content. MyFitnessPal gives you access to more varieties of exercises, ability to track your data and life. Some give you recipes that can tailor your diet to what your fitness goal is. If you are looking for a basic fitness tracker, MyFitnessPal is the one to get. It is really simple to use and put in your data. This is an ideal app that’s going to whip you into shape and can tailor your diet and what you’re doing every day.

Seven-minute workout

The next app on my list is a trendy one as well. The reason why most people love this app is that it is super easy. You just jump in and hit a workout. The workouts are designed to burn as many calories as possible in that seven-minute period. They keep you on your feet and you can increase the intensity of the workouts, which is awesome. This app can be very handy, especially if you are late for work or you don’t have time to hit the gym that day. It’s super easy to get your workout done.


Following closely is a new favorite that has been in use for some time now. This is like the seven-minute workout app, except it’s tailored to specific muscle groups. You can do abs, chest, back, legs since these exercises go for an extended period; just as you want. You can start with five-minute intervals and can go up to fifteen, twenty-thirty minutes. Additionally, you don’t need any extra equipment. The best thing about this app is that it’s all based on your own body strength.

Nike training club

Fitness TechThe last step on this list is the Nike training club app. This app is ideal for more hardcore workouts like the abs and chest workouts. This app really pushes you to your limits and it’s just fantastic in that. The app is similar to others, but it feels so much more detail in the exercises it provides and the community aspect of it as well.

These are the popular apps to help you get close to your fitness goals. Download these apps and start working on your goals, without necessarily going to the gym.